Get ready to be a star!!!  Marc-1 Car Wash Karaoke is in full swing! Here are the rules:
Here are the rules.
Visit any of our Marc-1 Car Washes and video you and your passengers giving your best karaoke performance.
Post to social media using #marc1carwash
We will review the videos and select the winners at the end of the month!
1. Must be a licensed driver of 18 years or older
2. No additional purchase (outside of a wash) necessary
3. Must be audibly singing in the video. We want, and need, to hear you!
4. Must submit video by August 31st!
5. Video submission must be made by account owner
6. No explicit lyrics.
Now get creative, there are points given for costumes and theatrics!

***Video submitted may be used for promotions by Marc-1 Car Wash and its affiliates.****