Better Than a Bucket

bucket-largeIs washing my car at Marc-1 better for the environment than washing in my driveway? Absolutely!

At all Marc-1 carwashes, we take careful steps to recapture the water used by our wash. Before any of it is sent to a water treatment center for cleaning, it is carefully filtered to remove the chemicals we use to insure your car is well-cleaned.

When you wash your car in your driveway, gallons of untreated waste water containing soap, oil, sludge and other chemicals runs into storm drains that lead directly into our rivers, lakes and streams. What’s more, a typical driveway wash uses up to three times the water per wash as a Marc-1 Carwash!

Will environmentally-safe products still clean my car well?

Yes! Car wash products don’t have to be harmful on the environment to effectively clean vehicles. In fact, the Blue Coral¬© Beyond Green products we use in our car wash deliver powerfully clean, well-protected, shiny vehicles while still being easy on the environment. Watch the video below to learn more.