Our Car Wash

Blue Coral – Hard on Dirt. Easy on the Earth. ™

When you choose Marc-1, you support a cleaner, safer, healthier world! All products used at Marc-1...

  • are designed to minimize our environmental impact
  • meet the strictest regulatory standards across North America
  • are stored in fully recyclable packaging
  • deliver powerful cleaning, protection and shine that conserves energy and water and reduces waste

Marc-1 is Better than a Bucket

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Exterior Wash

Our special combination of professional grade ultra-soft cloth and foam wash materials combined with high-pressure blasters are engineered to wash each section of your vehicle with the optimal mix of safe detergents and motion. This process gently lifts debris from the surface of your vehicle, flushes away dirt, and buffs the prepared surface for a maximum shine.


Hot Wax

Our hot wax soaks in to penetrate grime and road film and help remove bugs. It also helps to screen out harmful ultraviolet rays, and enhances the shine of all painted surfaces with a specially formulated polish.


Wheel Brite

Tough jobs demand tough detergents and nothing can be more difficult to remove than heavy brake dust and road film from your car’s wheels. Our Wheel Brite application is an expensive professional grade detergent that safely loosens stubborn film so that your wheels come out clean.


Tire Shine

Our tire shine service makes tires look great! But more than just providing the finishing touch for a sparkling vehicle, it also works as a protectant to prevent cracking, fading and hardening of your tire.


Touch-Free Air Dryer

It’s not enough to merely wipe away the remaining water from the surface of your car. As anyone who has ever washed their car at home knows, water accumulates in grooves and crevices, only to pour out as soon as that car leaves the driveway. Our Touch-Free Air Dryers gently blast water out of crevices for a truly dry finish that won’t be spoiled by water runoff.


Free Vacuums

Complimentary self-service vacuums are included with every car wash! Our strong professional duty vacuums maintain constant suction to help you breeze through this chore without the worry of running out of time or destroying a home vacuum not designed for this task.